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05 / May / 2022
Iñigo Vontier & Concret - Kiodo EP (incl. Lauer / Javi Redondo Remixes) PNRS004

From Valencia to Mexico, Penrose conjure up another intoxicating collaboration from some highly respected musical maestros - Iñigo Vontier and duo Concret. 

Make way for ‘Kiodo’ and ‘Buconero’… Two deep, pulsating, psychedelic head jams tailor-made for the latest of nights and the strangest of moves. ‘Kiodo’ kicks things off with a delicate combo of acid grit, disco swagger and dreamy twinkles, gradually melting together into a surreal and beguiling breakdown. 

‘Buconero’ meanwhile taps into a hypnotic, multi-layered effect that builds and builds with layers of chimes, bass tones and humanised voice elements, weaving itself into your brain and your every thought…. But hold on to your thoughts if you can as the remixes are just as profound and hard hitting. 

Fresh from releases on the likes of Permanent Vacation and Future Classic, Lauer shrugs off his disco cloak for a much darker blast with his take on ‘Kiodo’ while Dischi Autunno affiliate Javi Redondo activates trippy mode with his molten acid, twisted textures and crazy chime harmonics on ‘Buconero’. Both powerful reboots that both pay respect to the originals and live in their own musical universes, they bring this wonderful and intense Penrose release together in style. The journeys continue…