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17 / Mar / 2020
David Ponziano Feat. Aqeel – 4c1d R4v3 (incl. Neville Watson / Man Power Remixes) - PNRS001

Release date: 2020-03-17

Label: Penrose Records

Catalog Number: PNRS001


A1. David Ponziano Feat. Aqeel – 4c1d R4v3 (Original Mix)

A2. David Ponziano Feat. Aqeel – 4c1d R4v3 (Neville Watson Remix)

B1. David Ponziano – New Life (Original Mix)

B2. David Ponziano – New Life (Man Power Remix)

Madrid mainstay David Ponziano is proud to introduce his brand-new label: Penrose Records.

Inspired by the geometrical breakthroughs of British mathematical physician Roger Penrose, and his impossible/infinite Penrose triangle, the label is designed for one purpose: limitless dance music, unrestrained by conventional means and perceptions. Limitless music like this 001 launch release.

Two originals from Ponziano himself plus two remixes by Neville Watson and Man Power, Ponziano takes the lead with ‘4c1d R4v3’. Looks like a fancy personalised number plate in print, sounds like a fat acid house jam, there’s a raw roughness and super-charged weight behind this one, especially with Aqeel’s Tyree Cooper-style spoken word delivery. Remix-wise Watson ups the drive factor, beefs up the kicks and focuses in on the psychedelic aspects of the original for added hypnotic effect.

‘New Life’ takes a much trippier turn, amplifying the label’s broadsword agenda even more. Stripped back, tunnelling and twisted, it’s a techno beast that comprises a number of layers, all weaving in and out menacingly. Heads down all the way for this one… Right up to those gorgeous chords that breakthrough on the breakdown when all eyes rise to the heavens.

Last but definitely not least, Man Power maintains his consistent Midas touch on the remix. Flipping the original’s dark tones with strong shades of cosmic light, a denser blend of instruments, spiky arpeggios and full focus on the dreamy chords on the intro, it’s another sign that Penrose is here to throw shapes for a long time to come. New life, new label, new tracks that will add a whole lot of fire to your sets. Bring on 002.

BUY: https://penroserecords.bandcamp.com