With the start of the new millennium, UNDO (Gabriel Berlanga) started his career as dj and producer to this day. The electronic pulse of Barcelona and the Catalan artist’s trajectory are inseparable.

The reasons that have made UNDO one of the most relevant and influential figures of Spanish based electronica draw a path with three cardinal points: the studio, the dance floor and the strength of Factor City, the label he founded 15 years ago.

Year after year UNDO’s experience has been amplified with trips to the best festivals and clubs worldwide: Sónar Festival, Nuits Sonores, Bilbao-BBK, Club To Club, Panorama Bar, Fabric, Lux, Fuse, Topaz de Lux or MN Roy. In addition to Factor City, he has released in other record labels, such as Correspondant, My Favorite Robot, Roam Recordings, Beachcoma or Areal Records. He has collaborated in remixes with Paul Kalkbrenner, Agoria, Ellen Alien, Fairmont, Zombies in Miami, Marvin and Guy, Cabaret Nocturne or Iñigo Vontier, among others.